School Governing Body 

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Chris Alexandre

Chairman, Chairman: IT (Technology) 

Finance, 20/20 Vision & IT (Technology) 

Dallas Ehrke

Co-Chairman, Chairman: Discipline & Co-Opted Member

Academics & Personnel, Discipline, Finance, 20/20 Vision

Clive Pearson


Finance & 20/20 Vision

Ian Knott-Craig

Deputy Headmaster

Academic & Personnel, Alumni & Marketing, Culture, Discipline, Finance, Land & Building, Sprt, 20/20 Vision & IT

Wouter Hensens

Chairman: Academics & Personnel

Academics & Personnel, 20/20 Vision

Mandy Roestroff

Chairlady: Finance 


Laura Guest

Chairlady: Marketing, Alumni & Development & Co-Opt Member

Alumni & Marketing, Finance, Land & Building, 20/20 Vision & IT

Alan Harty

Chairman: Sport

Finance, Sport, 20/20 Vision

Jacques Botha

Chairman: Security, Lands & Building 

Finance, Land & Building, Sport & Security

Melissa Tweedie

Chairlady: Culture

Alumni & Marketing & Culture

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The SGB is made up of:

  • Elected members;

  • the Headmaster (by virtue of his official capacity); and

  • Co-opted members.


Elected members of the SGB comprise the following:

  1. Parents or guardians of learners at the school

  2. Educators at the school

  3. Learners in Grade 8 or higher (only learners in Grade 8 or higher who are elected members of the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) can serve on the SGB).

  4. Members of staff who are not educators.

The Governing Body is elected for a term of three years.


Responsibilities of the Governing Body include the following:

  • The Governing Body is responsible for determining the aims and the overall vision of the school, and it holds the Vision and the Mission Statement of the School “in trust”.

  • Together with the staff, the Governing Body sets and reviews policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the provision of high-quality education for present and future pupils.

  • It should adopt a Constitution, determine the Language Policy of the school, and adopt a Code of Conduct.

  • It is responsible for basic matters such as school hours, uniform, admissions and employment policies.

  •  It is also responsible for the care and development of the property of the school, and may allow the use of the premises by outsiders if it is in the interests of the school to do so.

  • It recommends staff for appointment by the provincial education department, and may itself appoint staff members who it pays from school funds.

  • Legally, the Governing Body represents the school and enters into contracts on behalf of the School.

  • The overall control of finances.



The PAHS Governing Body is made up of the following sub committees:


  • Finance

  • Marketing, Alumni & Development

  • Academics & Personnel

  • Security

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Lands & Buildings (Grounds & Buildings)

  • Rewards/Discipline

  • Sport

  • Culture

  • Vision 20/20

The members of the Governing Body select which sub committee’s they would like to be part of. They are then also encouraged to invite staff, parents and members of the community to join these sub committees to add their experience and skills to these different spheres of managing the school. The sub committees are encouraged to meet at least once a month and are required to report back to the full Governing Body.

The Governing Body itself meets every Wednesday during the school term with the principal in an informal meeting to keep abreast of latest developments/issues within the school. A formal meeting of the full Governing Body takes place once a month.

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